A Relection on Alleyways

Alleyways have always been a slight obsession of mine as an artist, even more so after it has rained and they become full of puddles reflecting all the red bricks and the repetitive shapes of the terraced houses roofs.

Alley Reflection 1.

I recently spent a sunny morning (after a rainy night) walking round the alleyways of Old Trafford taking pictures of the reflections. By turning the images upside down it creates a somewhat magical atmosphere where you may question what is reality and what is not, allowing us to reflect on what the alleyway could be like.
Alley Reflection 2.

Vibrant colours in both the red bricks and blue skies reflect our vibrant community here in Old Trafford. These Alleyways do not need to be forgotten unused, dumping spaces but spaces where our community can come together, create together, play together, celebrate our differences together and so much more….

Alley Reflection 3.

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