Bold and Colourful Planter Paintings at ART CLUB

This morning we had a fun, sunny (and surprisingly calm) time, painting boards in colourful and bold designs, that will be used to decorate the planters on Prestage Street that are looked after  by Love Old Trafford (LOTS).

The designs were created from the large painting we made at Januarys ART CLUB. Click here to see the blog post.

The children enjoyed spotting their bits of the painting in the designs on the boards.

Both children and adults enjoyed painting in the bold shapes, mixing colours and getting creative.

2016-04-09 14.12.022016-04-09 14.12.53

Several neighbours and visitors to the area popped down the alley to see what was going on and all were very impressed with the art work that has been created.

Really looking forward to seeing these painted boards put in place around the planters once they have been varnished.

A big thankyou to  THT community panel Old Trafford who have funded this project.


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