The Planters are finished!

An exciting project run by THE BACK gALLErY for LOTS funded by THT community Panel Old Trafford.

The idea came after hearing that the planters that LOTS look after on Prestage Street could do with a bit of paint to brighten them up.


The challenge was for THE BACK gALLErY art club to come up with some ideas for designs by creating a large painting made up from overlapping shapes and lines inspired by plants and human form.

wp-1452353911787.jpgThe children worked on ideas…wp-1452354249538.jpgAnd we finalised some bold panel designs from sections of the large paintings.2016-01-19 16.36.54Colour was an important part…2016-04-09 18.50.01along with bold black outlines.2016-04-09 18.44.38We had great fun painting the boards at ART CLUB, the children choosing whatever colours they liked.2016-04-09 14.12.53A beautiful piece of artwork…2016-04-09 18.56.24available for everyone to see,planters6brightening up the area,planters2and bringing a smile to peoples faces.planters1

We hope you agree that they look much better now.

Why not pop down to Prestage Street to see them for yourself?

If you would like to get involved in caring for the planters please check out the LOTS website by clicking here.

A big thankyou to THT community panel Old Trafford for funding this project. Click here to find out more information about the community grants.



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