All sorts of Printing at ART CLUB

We had a fabulous sunny morning on Saturday at THE BACK gALLErY’s latest ART CLUB, experimenting with lots of different styles of printing…

Fruit and veg printing with food colouring, Monoprinting with baking trays and acrylic paint,  lots of experimental prints with various items (shoes, toy trucks, yogurt cartons etc) on a large roll of paper, as well as  our regular colouring in and chalking areas.

Young to old were kept busy creating masterpieces and being free to make all sorts of marks and prints ( and keeping all the messy paint outside!). The sun shone and it was a very enjoyable morning for neighbours to come together and create.

Some beautiful prints were created and everyone had lots of fun! you can see highlights of the art work in our ART CLUB board at THE BACK gALLErY. Why not take a look?

The next ART CLUB will be on Saturday 4th June after our ALLEY WEEK.

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