Who leaves this stuff?

An artistic response to flytipping.




When people dump rubbish in our alleyways and streets it is a natural question to ask “who leaves this stuff?”

By taking images of the rubbish and inserting them back into that space, with or without the original rubbish, with the question “who leaves this stuff?” It is not only highlighting the problem of fly tipping in our area but also causing others to question their own actions regarding this issue.



Who leaves this stuff? May 2016.

THE BACK gALLErY was set up as a positive response to fly tipping in our area, to create useable clean spaces where the community can come together, create beauty out of the rubbish and highlight the issue of fly tipping and encourage it to stop.

This ongoing poster campaign aims to keep these values at the forefront of our community.


This is out home too! Please clean up!

By rearranging this dumped rubbish into a homely scene it is creating a visual reminder that this is an area where many people live, full of homes, not a dump!
(Incidently this rubbish got cleaned up very quickly)

Enough is enough!

If you would like help in keeping your alley clean visit #notinmyalley

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