ALLEY WEEK- Beach day!!!!

We brought the beach to the alley today with sand, bubbles, water sprays, balloons and beach balls!! It was definitely hot and sunny enough for it to feel like we were on the beach!

Sand play, a beach peep through board, slides and rockers all added to the summer seaside theme!!
We experimented with creating and blowing extra large bubbles, everyone from young to old really enjoyed this!


But the favourite activity was defintely the water fight!! With water spraying across the alley it was hard not to get wet, but this made it all the more fun for the children. The water balloons were also a real hit and they wouldn’t stop until we had used all 500 of them!!!


Some of the children described it at “the best day ever!!!” And “awesome!” .
It was certainly a rememberable one!!! This may have been the first beach brought to an Old Trafford Alley.

This alley week has been so fun and it has been great to see lots of neighbours coming together and the children making new friends and playing so well with each other.  The alley has proved a great space to host and enjoy so many different activities.
A BIG thank you to St John’s Sunshine for funding this week.

Tomorrow we will be hosting a special art club from 11am-1pm showcasing some of the things we have done this week and in art club.
Everyone is welcome, bring some food to share! We look forward to seeing you!

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