New Art Boards for THE BACK gALLErY!

Thanks to funding from THT community Panel Old Trafford we now have new art boards added to the gallery in the alley between Stamford Street and Albion Street.


The wall at the beginning of the alley (off Ayres road) has often attracted fly tipping, rubbish fires and vandalism in the past.

By  extending THE BACK gALLErY with these new art boards we hope to further deter such anti social behaviour. They  brighten up the area and encourage residents and passers by to see the beauty that is all around us, not just the negative things.


The artwork by Lynda Sterling encourages the viewer to look at normal places and objects in a different light.  By turning them in to beautiful images it encourages a new appreciation and love for our area, aswell as highlighting the problems of litter, vandalism and fly tipping.


An additional board has also been added at the junction between Norton Street and the alley, displaying the vision to create a mile of Green Alleyways through Old Trafford. Please visit Love Old Trafford for more information on this exciting Project.

THE BACK gALLErY appreciates the support it has been given by local Housing associations through funding (Trafford Housing Trust) and permission for putting the Art Boards on their properties ( Arawak Walton and Adactus).

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