Sunflower themed ART CLUB 

We have all been very excited that the sunflowers we planted in ALLEY WEEK are starting bloom, so this months  ART CLUB has been Sunflower themed. 

Due to the Manchester rain we were indoors but that didn’t stop us having lots of fun and producing some great art work! 

The children coloured in drawings of our sunflowers, experimenting with colour and  blending pencils and pastels.

  1. The children then had the opportunity to paint directly onto pallets choosing their own designs of sunflowers and mixing their own colours. We are planning on finding somewhere we can display these outside once they have been varnished.

We also painted a giant pallet which we plan to use as a backing to support our sunflowers as they continue to grow. 

It has been a brilliant morning, despite the rain, and we are looking forward to seeing more of our sunflowers bloom.

Our Sunflowers project has been working with The green alleys of OT. Check out there new twitter account @alleysot . 

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