Pallet art in Sunflower Alley! 

Work has been underway today to varnish and install our pallet art, painted at ART CLUB, at THE BACK gALLErY which may now get called “sunflower alley “! 

The sunflowers have been repotted and spread out so they can grow even taller and the new pallet art will support for them to stay upright and strong. 

It is a wonderful mixture of both art and planting, helping to keep our alley bright, clean and green (or should we say yellow!). 

THE BACK gALLErY art club  art board has also been updated with some brilliant drawings and colourings the children did on Saturday.  

The next  ART CLUB  will need on Saturday 6th August, 11am-12pm at THE BACK gALLErY.  

Why not come and pay us a visit? We are situated between Stamford Street and Albion Street in Old Trafford.  

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