The Bats are now hanging around…

Bat Mobile  Installation  October 2016

The Bat mobiles made with the children at THE BACK gALLErY ART cLUB  can now be seen ‘hanging around’ the old derelict building at the corner of Milner Street and Kings Road, Old Trafford. Go and take a look! If you visit this building at dusk you may catch a glimpse of the real bats that are resident here.

If you would like to find out more about Bats check out !!


The mobiles have been created with objects and materials that were no longer used, making art out of what was considered rubbish and encouraging the children in the benefits and joy of re-using and recycling.


The images of bats are intended to highlight to passers by that despite this building being abandonned, negleted and overgrown there is still life here through the resident bats, and that beauty can be seen in the art work created by the children.


Alongside this display the Art Club Art board has been updated with all the other amazing work the children created, including splatted bats and bat drawings and colouring. We love to display the work of the children , not only so they can feel proud seeing it up in public but also for others to see what we get up to at THE BACK gALLErY and how working together as a community can bring about positive change.


Why not take a walk through THE BACK gALLErY and check it out!

The next Art Club will be on Saturday  12th November, 11am – 12pm. Come along!


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