Art club creations! 

It’s been a wet morning but that didn’t stop THE BACK gALLErY art club happening (we just moved it inside!) . 

Everyone, including the parents, got stuck in creating these amazing bin stickers. Each person started off with a blank backing sticker then chose from a selection of pre-cut shapes to start of their design, then got inventive cutting out numbers and letters and further shapes. everyone was very proud of their work and we now can’t wait for bin day to show them all off!! 

As well as the wheelie bin stickers we also took inspiration from all the autumn leaves to create drawings and square images focusing on colour and shapes.  

These will go on display in our BACK gALLErY art board very soon! 

Art club then turned into gardening club with Kitty helping the children to plant bulbs in planters on our alley. They all loved it (and got very dirty!). 

The next ART CLUB will be on Saturday 10th December 11am til 12pm and we’ll be making festive collages! 

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