Looking back and looking forward. 

2016 was a great year for THE BACK gALLErY so here are a few highlights:

We started the year by creating a really large painting at ART club which we used as a basis for designing these planters on Prestage street, funded by THT Old Trafford community panel.

There have been 12 great art club’s allowing everyone to get creative and not worry about the mess!

Activities have included painting, printing, junk modelling, heart sculpture making, collage, origami, drawing, zine designing, wheelie bin stickers, planting and many more…

During the summer half term we ran ALLEYWEEK ,where each day had a different theme, which was a huge success in bringing all the residents together to have fun and make a positive difference, funded by St Johns Sunshine grants.

We have planted Sunflowers and used them as inspiration for more artwork in the alley.

 And we have extended THE BACK gALLErY with more art boards.

We have seen a big reduction in flytipping and rubbish and the and the alley has become a place where it’s safe and clear to play,meet,  create, make art and have fun!

We’ve enjoyed art club whatever the weather and plan to continue doing so!!

In 2017 we hope to secure more funding to extend THE BACK gALLErY further around Old Trafford, work with more residents and local artists to create a cleaner, brighter, more colourful and vibrant place to live, work and play in.

If you would like to get involved in anyway, would to see a BACK gALLErY art up in your alley or if you’re an artist and would like to support this project please get in touch!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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