Hearts, rainbow colours and love for our planet. 

It was a colourful morning at ART CLUB!! Using chalk pastels and heart templates and cut outs we created all sorts of rainbow coloured heart pictures. 

And the rainbows didn’t stop there!! Using strips of scrap kite material everyone embarked on making beautifully colourful wind catchers that we can hang in our yards/gardens or alleyway. We also had great fun running up and down the alley watching the ribbons fly!! 

The last activity we worked on this morning was our collaborative painting on the theme of showing love for our planet and raising awareness of global warming. The children came up with the idea of the world melting and really enjoyed making all the drips!! 

The finished piece will be displayed at the OT wonder women’s #showthelove event on Saturday 18th February where THE BACK gALLErY will be supporting the event and creating more artwork to be displayed in Hullard park. 

It’s been a fun morning and it’s always encouraging to meet other people who care about making where the live a beautiful place to be. 

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