THE BACK gALLErY were really excited to be part of The Old Trafford Wonder Women WI event #showthelove to make a stand against climate change.

At the event at the St Johns Centre, Old Trafford, we displayed the painting created by the ART CLUB  last weekend on the theme of climate change and held a workshop creating a large banner to be displayed in Hullard park. Both children and adults enjoyed cutting out Green hearts, leaves, flowers and making ladybirds, butterflies and bees to stick onto the boards.

We then took the boards for the banner and all the other Green Hearts created at the event to Hullard park.

Everyone enjoyed recreating the #showthelove message and attaching it to  the circular fence in the middle of the park, well placed for the public to see.

Lots of other beautifully made Green hearts were then added to the fence to decorate the areas we love and want to protect from climate change.

It was great to work together as a community in Old Trafford, to show our love for the area and to highlight climate change and how it affects us.

To find out more about the #showthelove movement and how you can make a stand against climate change please click here.


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