A very messy ART CLUB, and lots of ❤ for MCR! 

For our special ART CLUB for Chorlton Arts Festival and to start off our ALLEY WEEK we got really messy in the Alley!! A quick rain shower at 2pm didn’t stop us and everyone quickly got stuck in mixing and painting with shaving foam and powder paint.

It was lots of fun getting really messy,  experimenting with texture and colour, and the foamy paint didn’t just stay in the messy tray, we started using it to paint onto shiny card.

Hand prints, hearts and messages of love for Manchester were some of the paintings  and drawings created.

We also made some more posters from recycled plastic boards and vinyl wrap allowing us to display them outside. Some great boards were made including flowers posters, an amazing pirate ship and a quirky looking face.

Our next ALLEY WEEK event is on Monday 29th May from 1.30-3.30pm and it’s weeding and wheels!!!

So head out to the alley with whatever wheels you have: scooter, bike, skateboard, roller skates, pram, push-a-long trolley…. and we can all share and get wheeling!!! (Weather permitting) wp-1464713939437.jpg

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