ALLEY WEEK- we can still have fun in the rain!!

So it rained today, but that didn’t stop us getting out into the alley for an obstacle course, ball games, hula hooping and skipping, even if we did get a bit wet! 

An obstacle course with 8 different activities was designed and set up by one of the older children including a slide, some hurdles and a balance beam! We practiced our target skills by throwing balls into buckets, got energetic by star jumping and even got our hoover on doing a victory dance!!! 

We all had fun, even though it was rather damp, and it wasn’t just the children improving their skills at skipping, tennis and badminton, the adults had a go too!! 

Today has definitely been proof that you can still have fun outdoors when it’s raining, although we would really like the sun back for our ALLEY WEEK activities next week please!! 

Next week’s ALLEY WEEK activities are: 

Tuesday 1.30-3.30pm Facepainting, colouring and chalking.

Thursday 1.30-3.30pm water and bubbles play! 

Saturday 2-3pm ART CLUB where we will be creating a giant tapestry weaving together all we have done over ALLEY WEEK  (or 2!) 

All welcome! Do come by! 

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