ALLEY WEEK- bubbles, water, facepainting and more!!

The week the weather has not been kind to us, there has been heavy rain and strong winds which stopped us getting out into the alley until Friday when we joined both this week’s activities together in one (mostly sunny) afternoon!!! 

We played with bubbles….

And water…..

Drawing targets with chalk, practicing our squirting and aiming skills as well as chucking water balloons into circles and of course ending in a water fight! 

We painted and coloured some Manchester bees that will become part of our ART CLUB group woven tapestry…

And we also had some facepainting fun!! 

It was brilliant to be out in the alley again and over the course of ALLEY WEEK  (or 2) there has been an amazing sense of community and everyone coming together! 


Unfortunately due to the weather we are postponing ART CLUB on 10th June but we will reschedule this soon to create a large scale woven tapestry celebrating all we have done in the alley! 

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