Spotting birds, making birds, creating birds…

THE BACK gALLErY had a fantastic day being a part of and bringing together two billiant events in Old Trafford. We ran a Bird spotting Treasure Trail from the #OTpicnic to the #OTcommunitymural where we hosted a bird making workshop and gave out bird feeder prizes for the treasure trail kindly donated by HUBBUB.


There were 15 birds along the trail, each one having a word on it and pictures and names of two local birds seen in and around Old Trafford. Participants had to follow the trail, (using their decorated binoculars) collect the names of all the birds and fill in the missing spaces in the secret message  to gain the treasure which was located where the Community Mural was taking place. The secret message being the Poem by Lemn Sissay that will be part of the mural along with several different birds.

Everyone was very excited to get their treasure! All these bird feeders will hopefully encourage even more birds to come to Old Trafford. 2017-07-22_21.46.26

At the Community Mural, being painted by the amazing and local Mural Life,  there was a real party atmosphere with food, music, lots of chalking and a bouncy castle.

Lots of people ( both Children and adults) enjoyed making their own birds from Milk cartons, just like the bird trail ones, decorating them with tissue paper and ribbon at our workshop.IMG_20170722_154752IMG_20170722_144704IMG_20170722_172815IMG_20170722_133109IMG_20170722_150358IMG_20170722_172823

It was a fantastic event to be part of and the Mural will be finished off this week. Check out Mural Life ‘s page to keep up to date with the progress. Image may contain: outdoor

To see a timelapse of the first part of the Mural  being painted click here.

Its very exciting to see more Art being created and displayed around Old Trafford and THE BACK gALLEry hope to encourage more of this in the future.




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