#manchesterstones at ART CLUB

At ART CLUB this month we got involved with the Manchester Stones  project that has been happening around Manchester this summer. It involves painting stones then hiding them for someone else to find, they in turn can hide them again after taking a picture and posting it in the Manchester Stones online group on Facebook.

We had lots of fun choosing our stones and then painting all sorts of different patterns and pictures on them. ! we had hearts, emojis, flowers, rainbows, spots, minions, ladybirds and many more!!

With a heavy downpour mid art club we had to be quick to protect all our freshly painted stones under some tables and thankfully they only need a few touch ups before we varnished them!

The chalkboard gates are still proving really popular in the alley and are used by a variety of children when playing out as well as at art club where we always make sure we have chalk available!

Once the stones had dried and all the info stickers were placed on the back we varnished them several times and then got to hide them around Old Trafford! Some have already been found and re hidden, have you spotted one yet?

( here’s a clue as to where to look….Hullard Park, Henrietta Street, Prestage Street, Shrewsbury Street…)


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