Funny faces winter planting ART CLUB

This Saturday at ART CLUB we had the pleasure and help from the amazing Cath Wade from the St Johns Centre Gardening group in planting up our pots in the alley that had previously housed our sunflowers. Cath brought a wonderful selection of bulbs and plants and encouraged the children to bury the bulbs then make a funny face with the plants on the surface.


It was a very practical and hands on session for the children where they could touch and feel all the different textures of the plants and gently divide and place them into the soil. Some very funny faces were made with all sorts of crazy hair. One child even asked to create a french Plait with some of the ivy! 2017-11-11_20.30.33.jpg

When the children weren’t planting they were making funny faces by drawing and collage…


…and decorating lovely twigs and branches with lots of different coloured wool. The children varied greatly in their approach to this task, some taking a really long time over it and others wrapping wild and crazily, some ended up with only one colour while others involved lots of different  colours!! The children even arranged the completed branches on our pallet art wall in a very pleasing and artistic way.


We had another fun, social and creative afternoon in the alley and survived the cold chill by staying active and having some hot chocolate!!!! 

The plants will continue to grow and fill out the pots so do keep taking a walk down the alley to see all the changes that are taking place.

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