Art workshop at the Limelight Launch!! 

On the Thursday 7th December THE BACK gALLErY were delighted to run an art workshop at the #LimelightLaunch at Limelight Old Trafford , an exciting new community hub, library, café and extra care apartments  situated just a road away from THE BACK gALLErY. 

We invited visitors to Limelight to draw themselves, or write words to describe Old Trafford and Limelight on a  green triangle that then contributed to a large scale collage of ” The faces of Limelight”. 

We also hosted a Kaleidoscope making station, continuing the theme of the triangle which is part of Limelight’s Logo. A simple process using mirrored card and decorative washy tape allows the maker to look upon their immediate surrounds and more in a new and different way. Something we love to encourage at THE BACK gALLErY. You can also take really cool photos through the the Kaleidoscope with a mobile phone. 

It was a fantastic event and we look forward to seeing and being part of all the Limelight will bring to Old Trafford. 

Want to get involved in creativity at Limelight? 

On Wednesday mornings from the 10th January Lynda Sterling,who runs THE BACK gALLErY will be facilitating ‘Drawing Socials’ in the café at Limelight. No experience needed, everyone welcome!! 

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