A ‘rubbish’ ART CLUB!! 

Don’t worry…. It wasn’t actually rubbish, but we did use a lot of rubbish to make some great Art!!!

We had a great turnout to our first ART CLUB of 2018. Lots of making, creating, sticking, drawing, chalking, chatting, running, playing and of course drinking a yummy hot chocolate to keep us warm!!

People brought their old jam jars and the children transformed them into ‘jars of joy’ by drawing on them with glass pens. The idea of them being a jar which you can fill with happy memories written down on paper scraps throughout the year that can then be shared and remembered at the end of 2018. The children didn’t just create ‘ jars of joy’ though. We had ‘excellent ideas’, ‘money pots’, ‘reasons why you’re my best friend’, and pen jars….

We also created a giant ‘rubbish mosaic’ made from lots and lots of cardboard squares cut from old cardboard packaging left over from the holidays. So we literally made art from rubbish!!! It was great fun and the adults got stuck right in too!!! The finished piece will be displayed at THE BACK gALLErY shortly so look out for it!

It was great to see the community coming together today and we are excited for many more ART CLUBs and THE BACK gALLErY events during 2018!!

Stay tuned!!

February’s ART CLUB will be on Saturday 10th from 2-3pm and we’ll be making a large green handprint heart painting to display outdoors amongst other things!!!

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