ALLEY WEEK – cleaning, chalking, planting, facepainting!!!

We had a fantastic start to this year’s Alley week in glorious sunshine! Lots of neighbours came out to clean up, plant out our sunflowers and sow a few more! We spruced up the planters at the bottom of our alley too by our love your alley mural, the children really enjoyed getting involved!!

The fun didn’t stop there though! We had lots of chalks out as per normal and then the children started to create a rainbow channel along one of the drains which they washed away at the end by pouring lots of water down it. It kept them entertained for a long time!!

Alongside these activities we also had some facepainting out and a few of the older children took the lead in painting lots of the children’s faces!!! It has been a great first afternoon, hanging out with neighbours, playing, relaxing, making our alley even nicer and the cake went down well with the children too!

Thanks for coming everyone. It’s music day tomorrow 2-4pm. Hope to see you there.

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