ALLEY WEEK- balloon painting and creative world stall.

Another brilliant day of alley week 2018!!! Today we got creative in many different ways!!! The paint was out and we had several large blank paper backgrounds and different tools to create our experimental art with.

Funky brushes and sponges…..

Bottletops to print with….

And balloons to paint, throw, spread, bounce and make some beautiful and crazy patterns with.

It was wonderful to see so many children getting completely stuck in with the paint, experimenting, being creative and making some very expressive art!

The other creative activity today was the creative world stall hosted by some of our ART CLUB children.

They were selling art they had made, lots of gamma bead keyrings, badges and homemade lemonade and cakes. All to raise money for a local charity The destitution project run at St Brides Church and they raised over £40!!! Well done!!!

Everyone loved being out in the sun today and the alley is still proving to be a fantastic space to bring the community together.

See you tomorrow for wheelie day ( and a bit of water fun if it’s still hot and sunny!!)

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