ALLEY WEEK- wheelie and water fun!!

What a wonderful way to finish of #ALLEYWEEK2018 with all sorts of wheels and lots of water in the alley!

We started off on our wheels of all kinds : bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerskates, heelies, buggies , a trailer and even some small toy cars!! The alley providing a great place to ride up and down safely. Some children even picked up quite a bit of speed!

On a hot day though it wasn’t long before the water guns came out and our wacky water play began!!

Squirting eachother as they rode up and down then turned into a mega water fight that then turned into a whole water sprinkler system in the alley which the chdren loved to run through and even scoot and ride through!!!

We have loved alley week this year and it has been brilliant to meet new neighbours and friends too!

Thank you all for coming and keep playing in the alley!!!

We’ll be back for our monthly art club on Saturday 16th June 2-3pm in the alley.

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