Painting with nature and more at ART CLUB

After the recent windy weather we decided to put all those blown down twigs, leaves and branches to good use! At this months art club we were painting with nature!! The children used the twigs to paint with or draw around, the leaves made great prints and were really fun to paint and mik colours on and some branches made create marks on our large paper canvas! It was an opportunity for lots of freedom and experimentation and it wasn’t too long before some of the children started painting their hands and arms too!!

Alongside the extra large painting we had an activity inviting the children to make collages out of lots of interestingly shaped colourful scrap card. Some chose to go more abstract while others created some incredible picture, turning the shapes into birds bird baths and more!

And finally the last activity was the opportunity to create a poster that got people thinking about how we treat our environment and to encourage people not to fly tip or litter. This definitely got some of the older children very focussed!! 

it was a great art club once again!! The next art club will be on Saturday 14th July 2-3pm in the alley.

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