Painting A πŸŒˆπŸ’— for Prestage street with ART CLUB

For ART CLUB this month we spent a beautiful sunny afternoon in the alley with Julie from Groundworks painting a heart for Prestage street, the newly landscaped area they have been working on just across the road from us,Β  The final design incorporated all the childrens (and grown-ups) designs , thinking about colour, important words and what pictures were to be included. The children then set about painting it and we think they did a fantastic job!! We can’t wait to see it permanently put up[ at Prestage street.







We also had a go at printing some posters and making our very own stepping stones!!


It was lots of fun and the paint dried very quickly in the sun!!

Come along to Prestage street on Saturday 28th July 12-3pm to see how it’s looking and also celebrate a year of the fantastic mural there. We’ll be there doing some bird crafts!

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