Bird Making Art Club Online

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are not able to host our monthly Art Club in The Back Alley or inside OT creative SPACE on Saturday 4th April. We really want you all to #staysafe and #stayathome so we will  be hosting it via Facebook Live instead. Tune in to our Facebook page  at 2pm to learn how to make a beautiful Bird out of items lying around your house.

You will need : A Plastic Milk Carton, a pen, scissors, glue (or flour and water) and something to decorate it with. We will be using cut up  plastic bags, but you could use paint, tissue paper, permanent pens, ribbons, magazines or anything else lying around.

If you can’t join us on Facebook instructions are below.  Don’t forget to share your creations with us!!

Full page instructions-page-001Download a PDF version of the instructions here.


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  1. Our museums and galleries are closed as of 17 March until the end of April, in line with national guidance around managing the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Please follow our social media channels for the latest updates, information and stories around our collections and the work that we do.


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