OT creative SPACE- The story so far….

In October 2018 Lynda Sterling, a socially engaged artist and mother of four, bought an old high street butchers and started a huge renovation project. 12 months later Lynda and family have made a home above what will be an art studio with fully accessible community space. There will be room for  equivalent to six full time artists to work in a shared space across the ground floor and basement and space for community workshops and events alongside a window gallery.

OT creative SPACE is a social enterprise which brings together working artists and local people, through art, to build community cohesion and creative engagement.

Lynda’s vision is to see a happy and cohesive community in Old Trafford with plenty of opportunity for residents to be creative. Over the next twelve months OT creative SPACE aims to reach out to all parts of the Old Trafford community, see the studio space in use and establish itself as a local hub for creativity and fun.

“Why shouldn’t art be available to local people in their everyday lives, when you nip to the corner shop for some milk?”

‘Answers on a Postcard please’  is OT creative SPACE’s first community art project and demonstrates our mission to bring together professional artists and the community. 

OT creative SPACE is now a registered Arts Award Centre and is excited to be able to deliver the Discover Arts Award during the ‘Answers on a postcard please’ exhibition for local children and young people. 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic OT creative SPACE has been running a socially distanced art project #staycreativeOT

If you would like to come and look around the space and chat to our studio Manager Lynda Sterling please contact us.

October 2018
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