OT Art Trail is a new project funded by Arts Council England that is designed to tie the community together, much needed after months of isolation and distancing.

A series of five or six large new artworks will be created on walls and the gable ends of five buildings around Old Trafford all within a ten min walking route of OT creative SPACE.  

The new murals will add to murals and artwork already seen around Old Trafford.

The initial theme will be ‘Community Togetherness and diversity’. There will be a series of opportunities (online workshops, social media campaigns, studio projections and creative packs)  where members of the community will be invited to discuss the theme and add to it and develop a range of ideas , words and images that represent Old Trafford. This information will then be collated and categorised by the OT creative VOICE group and given to five artists to translate into artworks that will then be presented as the landmarks within a walking trail around Old Trafford.  To accompany the trail there will be a piece of spoken word and sound art. 

The mural Locations will all be within a 10 minute walk from OT creative SPACE on Ayres road.

The artists will also collaborate on developing an Arts Award pack that participants from local schools and community organisations can use when following the trail. The tours can be led by school teachers, parents and OTCS staff and a tour guides info pack will be made available on the OTCS website. On completion of the pack Children and young people will gain an Discover Arts award. 

The project will be documented by  the OT Youth Forum and throughout the project there will be projections on to “The Window” at OTCS sharing the progression from initial ideas to the Murals being created.