Every Cloud

To accompany the Every Cloud Installation along Ayres road as part of #staycreativeOT project The Window displays more clouds with three words written on them suggested by members of the OT Community to encourage each other during this time. "Good Job You!" ....."There is hope"....." Bring me sunshine" ...."Black Lives Matter"..... "Don't give up".... "How … Continue reading Every Cloud

Postcard City

Currently showing in THE WINDOW is "Postcard City" created by members of THE BACK gALLErY art club at the last workshop in January. Participants used postcards made as part of the #answersonapostcardplease project by many different community members and groups across Old Trafford to build their own postcard city. The city includes highrise towerbocks , … Continue reading Postcard City


Snippits of conversations that took place at The coffee and Story sharing Afternoon, September 2019. "Snippits" is a visual documentation of the conversations, stories and images that were shared at our Coffee and story sharing afternoon held in September 2019. It captures small sections of stories shared, that some may think are insignificant, but brought … Continue reading “Snippets”

OT Flags

Our current display in THE WINDOW is a selection of printed flags created at our family printing workshop on Saturday 7th September. Using the world flag bunting hung across the street as inspiration, participants were asked to design their own flag to represent Old Trafford using pre-cut lino shapes and other printing objects. They also … Continue reading OT Flags