We are a Community Interest Company run by a team of directors from the local area: Lynda Sterling, Michelle Griffith, Kitty Rostron, Darren Tolliday, Jonathan McGrath. Scroll down to find out about each of us in the team.

Lynda Sterling– www.lyndasterling.co.uk

Lynda Sterling is the founding Director of OT creative SPACE. She also started up one of our regular projects for the community: THE BACK gALLErY.

Lynda is a Visual Artist and Community Activist and has worked in the local community for over 10 years. She is passionate about using Art and Creativity as a tool for social change. She has experience in running all age community groups and socially engaged art projects. She facilitates “Drawing Social” – a weekly group at Limelight Old Trafford. She currently works on a youth creative arts mentoring programme – ‘ROC Champions’ for the charity Redeeming our Communities.

Michelle Griffith

Michelle Griffith is a Multi-disciplinary Artist, specialising in Printmaking over the recent years. She had been mentoring and facilitating creative workshops and exhibitions for the past 17 years across Greater Manchester.

She is passionate about increasing awareness of the arts to all ages and walks of the community, evoking emotions, stimulating visual senses and encouraging engagement across the boundaries of culture and diversity.

Michelle has also volunteered for a number of organisations in recent years including The Big Life Group, Zion Community Resource and Education Centre, Whitworth Art Gallery (UoM). She is also a member of the Collections Care and Documenting team for the upcoming Whitworth Wallpaper Exhibition: Before the Walls Came Down.

Kitty Rostron

Kitty Rostron is a lecturer at Salford Business School. She is an experienced teacher,  an early adopter of learning technology and committed to innovative teaching and learning. She has developed teaching materials for the FAO Rome – a UN organisation, and delivered training for the municipality in Sharjah, UAE. Her  research interest for the past five years has been social enterprise organisations and in particular the governance of organisations using commercial markets to create social value. 
She has supported Old Trafford community greening projects; Love Old Trafford community group and Old Trafford Open Gardens and led an award winning proposal for Green Alleys of Old Trafford (currently seeking funding). Her role on the Board is to support OTCS in the development of a business plan, governance and organisational culture. 

Darren Tolliday

Darren Tolliday is an artist and lecturer who has been practising in the North West for over twenty-five years. As an art educator he has taught a broad range of subjects, including drawing, painting, illustration and graphic design. He believes that art should have a useful purpose within society, enriching peoples’ lives and challenging their perception of what art can be. Having,in the past, taught adults with a number of drug, alcohol and mental health issues, Darren recognises that engaging in the process of creating art can be a healing and positive experience, contributing to the process of overcoming addiction and other complex issues 

A figurative painter, he has been a member of Rogue Artists’ Studios since 1996n and has exhibited within a variety of venues in Manchester and the North West. The human face is the vehicle for his practice, being drawn towards the visual spectacle of this centre of communication and expression. Darren hopes to run a number of workshops at OTCS, developing peoples’ knowledge and skills in printmaking, acrylic painting and life drawing.

Jonathan McGrath – www.jonathanmcgrath.com

Jonathon McGrath is an an Artist, Producer and Lecturer and has presented theatre events all over the world. He is an associate lecturer at several universities across the UK and specialises in creating site-specific theatre and training artists in the psychological and somatic challenges that making art can bring. Jonathan also regularly supports artists in fundraising and managing themselves as a small business.

Having worked in the arts sector for 20 years Jonathan has seen first hand the benefits to communities that participatory arts can bring and this exciting new space has the potential to inspire and bring the people of OT together.