Online Lockdown Exhibition

See below to find out about our online lockdown exhibition. You can still see #staycreativeot video resources at

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Old Trafford has been creative in so many ways during Lockdown and we want to celebrate that!! This online exhibition showcases the wonderful diversity and talent in OT ranging from Professional artists though to young children and some people who have only started getting creative in Lockdown. We have divided the show into three catgories; Artists, Community and under 16’s.

You can still submit work until Wednesday 12th August.

Our Four Local judges will select a piece from each category to receive a £50 Fred Aldous voucher. There will be some vouchers for mosaic for further selected pieces.


Sally Hirst – Starry night weaving: I first started weaving at the beginning of lockdown and used a cardboard weaving loom originally but I enjoyed it so much that I bought a sample kit weaving loom with my artist commission money and really spent most of lockdown perfecting my weaving skills and my favourite weave is starry night where I did a wavy weaving background using different shades of blue, I also appliquéd some of my circular weaving and used a couching stitch with chunky yarn to make swirls. Some of the yarns I used includes shop bought, hand spun by me and t shirt yarn which I made out of an old t shirt
Xi Chen – Quality family time during Lockdown
Xi Chen – Thank you NHS
Roxanne Thompson – Surrealist Collage
Roxanne Thompson – Food Pun Illustration
Gareth Hacking – Follow the path
Gareth Hacking – stone line
Jilly Jones – Sunset at Houghton
Jilly Jones – Newborn kitten tiny
Evelyn Woolry – Water colour on calico with ink. St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range
Lynda Sterling – Fridges have feelings too – lockdown fridge

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Mary Collins – ‘Bee, Alexandra Park, May 2020
Mary Collins – Rose after a rain shower, Alexandra Park, July 2020
Avril Vale – Trainer
Avril Vale – Flowers
Rachel Mackie – A glimpse of the sea
Rachel Mackie – Shadows
Anna France-Williams – Hope
Anna France-Williams – Grief
Kellie Marie – Family Lockdown project

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Clare Myring- Rainy Day in Lockdown
Clare Myring- Robot
Maggi Margoram- Reflections
Maggi Margoram- and relax…

Under 16’s

Robin (age 6) – Kind Sloth
Isaac (age 9) – Leaves
Isaac (age 9) – Through the Window
Tegan (age 11) – Hidden parrot
Tegan (age 11) – Mind
Bronte (age 8) – Seasons
Bronte (age 8) – Fruit party
Aishah (age 15)
Aishah (age 15)
Keziah (age 6) – Unicorns
Keziah (age 6) – Growing tree
Collete (age 5) – circles
Maddie (age 11)
Maddie (age 11)
Amirah (age 15)- Watercolour Wood
Amirah (age 15) – Silhouette of 3 conifers
Eliana (age 10) – The colour of Fire
Eliana (age 10) – Portal
Micah (age 9) – The Universe
Micah (age 9) – The Candyverse
Raphael (age 6)- Circles and Squares
Catrin- age 16
Catrin (age 16)
Raphael (age 6)- The Band
Charlie (age 8)
Charlie (age 8)

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Lavae (age 8) – Deep Blue Ocean