‘THE WINDOW’ hosts short-term displays of work by different local artists to engage our community in their day to day coming and goings to the local shops on Ayres Road.

If you would be interested in displaying your work in ‘THE WINDOW’ please get in touch. Work will be on display for a maximum of 4 weeks, but may be up for less. Please send up to 4 pictures of your work, a brief description and a short bio to us.

Currently on display in the window:

#OTarttrail in #TheWindow

See your Artwork in our Window Keep your designs and ideas for the #OTarttrail coming in! We will be displaying them all in #thewindow over the next two weeks either by projection if you send them to us digitally or physically if you post them through our door!! Everyone who sends something in before Feb … Continue reading #OTarttrail in #TheWindow