We are delighted to present Bronte Lammie’s work in the Window. Bronte joined us as a resident Studio Artist This year after graduating from Falmouth University. Her work is fun, vibrant and full of life!

Bronte explains about her work here:

“I make paintings, prints, installations, and conceptual artworks. By using a poetic and often metaphorical language, my paintings explore representations of consciousness and memory, emotion and the realm of experience. I make work that deals with the documentation of events. I am led by the work and a childlike instinct, allowing chance and chaos to flow through the work. I try to seduce the viewer into a world of dynamic equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate the human drama, to clarify our existence and to find poetic meaning in everyday life. My works appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory play a key role.”

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