Three Trees – Sarah de la Hoyde

I am a South-West Manchester based photographer with an interest in a wide range of genres including portrait, landscape, flower, abstract and creative photography. I have worked as a wedding, commercial, family portrait and school photographer as well as selling art prints and cards and taking part in local exhibitions. At the beginning of 2021, as we were in the midst of lockdown restrictions (again), I decided to start a project to photograph this set of three trees throughout the year. The trees are in the middle of a farmer’s field on the outskirts of the Dunham Massey area, between Timperley and Carrington Moss (about a 12 minute bike ride from my house) and are sometimes referred to as the three sisters. The aim was to take photographs once a week at different times of day, from different angles and using wide and zoom viewpoints, to record the changes through the seasons. As the weeks passed I found myself taking shots from the same few positions around the edge of the field, having favourite view points that gave the trees a pleasing shape outline and discovering that the photographs were becoming as much about the changes in the field and the differing skies as they were about the trees. I finished with over 1000 photographs.
For the main display here I chose one image from each month, which together show the changes in the trees themselves through the year. They also illustrate a sample of the various weathers and times of day at which the photos were taken. The other two pictures are simply two of my favourites from the project.

If you’d like to see more of this project, or to take a look at my other work, please visit or

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