Hello creatives !

We want to offer affordable studio space (click here to find out more) but we ALSO we want to connect with other creatives and bring people together in the neighbourhood.

As part of our vision and values, we want to be a hub of creativity that celebrates the diversity of the neighbourhood and champions peoples creativity.

Our first steps for this are to have a Facebook group – OT creatives for local artists and host a monthly creatives night.

Our monthly creatives night is on the 1st Wednesday night of each month from 8-10pm at OT creative SPACE. We will provide brews and biscuits but feel free to bring something to share / BYOB. This group is a space for sharing, collaborating , connecting, questioning and anything else that will encourage all of OT’s Creatives.

Please add the hashtag #creativesOT when you share your work on social media if you are an artist in Old Trafford.