A Series of Sculptures by Kaius McHale

‘Making’ is a process led project derived from the found stigma of mental health, whereby the act of making acts as a space for mindful experimentation. Utilising the materialistic qualities of plaster, contrasting sculptures have been formed, varying between structural and free formed silhouettes.

Kaius McHale has volunteered at OT creative space over the past year whilst completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at The Manchester College. He is progressing to study B.A (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture at Trinity St Davids Carmarthen School of Art.

Kaius shares a bit about his experience here:

“Over the past year I have volunteered at OT creative space, volunteering here has been a wonderful experience and has helped me develop as an aspiring artist and as a human being and I look forward to the future and where it will take me.”

We wish Kaius all the best in his future and will be following his journey as an Artist. If you are interested in volunteering at OT creative space please do get in touch.

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