Currently on Display in the Window are selected Drawings from the Rubbish Book Curated by Liz Lock and Mishka Henner.

The Rubbish Book is available to buy from OT creative SPACE for £5

What does rubbish say about a place?

Can it be a portrait of a community? Is it a mistake to look for beauty in litter? And what does the accumulation of litter say about those we entrust to clear it?

During March and April 2022, we sought answers to these questions with a series of Rubbish Life Drawing classes at OT Creative Space in Old Trafford. As residents, we wanted to find a way to talk about  rubbish without resorting to the usual complaints or rants. Instead, we wanted to use art as a tool for reflection and for bringing people together.

Participants were invited to bring their own rubbish found on the way to the classes, and we provided a series of drawing exercises to help find a way to represent their litter.

One positive about doing Rubbish Life Drawing classes is the resulting drawings and paintings can literally be rubbish. It doesn’t matter how skilful you are or how well you can handle paint or a pencil. What matters is simply taking the time to make marks on paper, discuss whatever’s on your mind with strangers and friends, and enjoy the process of making and reflecting.

This book filled with drawings and paintings of rubbish doesn’t mean Old Trafford is a rubbish place to live. On the contrary, we love it here and hope that in these pages, the skills and talents of our fellow residents and neighbours gives you a different perspective on the place and makes you think twice about littering.

Liz Lock & Mishka Henner

The Rubbish Book is available to buy from OT creative SPACE for £5

You can see further drawings from the RUBISH BOOK in an outdoor exhibition at The Shizen Suman Education Centre Building along Ayres Road.

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