A selection of Studies, Drawings, Prints and Mixed Media work by Artist Michelle Jackson

As part of Our International Women’s Day 2022 Celebrations we are delighted to present this exhibition of sketches, drawings, prints and mixed media Canvas’ exploring the visual representation of Women and their strength, vibrancy, depth, life and truth. 

“The inspiration for my artwork comes from the great women in my life, both past and present. It’s representative of the strength, guidance and love.

The most influential and important of these beautiful Queens, being my mother.” 

Michelle Jackson, Artist, 2022

8 thoughts on “Phoenix Queens

  1. Michelle is a wonderful artist who creates mixed media artwork that is unique, vibrant, feminine and powerful. The contrast of media which she uses creates literal and metaphorical depth in her pieces.


  2. Im in Love! these are unreal!
    You can really see the Artist has poured their soul into each and every one. Looking forward to her next instillation!


  3. Michelle is an amazing artist she has such soul to her pieces and a very unique look in them thats one of a kind so very powerful big things for her in the future


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