Ayo Ada Agolo and Creative Writing Workshop Participants

On display in The Window is a selection of Mixed Media work created during the 6 Creative Writing workshop sessions held at OT creative SPACE during November and December 2021 as part of our Drawing Out OT Programme funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. These Sessions were facilitated by Ayo Ada Agolo; a Poet, Author and Multi – Disciplinary Artist.

The aim was to create, and make an affirmation to self, through a  picture frame and words.   Each piece is presented in a frame chosen by the writer, the frame may have  shaped the words or the words purely fill the frame. 

The initial focus was the Pandemic; how that had impacted each participant and ‘Framed’ their experience over the last 2 years. Mixed media and visual works were encouraged throughout the creative writing process resulting in this eclectic mix of works. A visual representation of the diverse group and range of experiences. 

What’s in your frame? 


Is a square, a sentence like a prison cell within

We now understand as the lockdown suggests,

incarceration on the biggest scale ever, through this unprecedented era.

We’ll be using our pandemic experiences

To inform our focus, engaging our core,

guiding us through this tempestuous emotion.

Finding a word said, and never forgotten

A murmur, like a heart beat and a pulse of the earth. 

And our understanding, of what we are worth

A whisper like a stirring wind, on a musical notation 

surrounded by artistic company and improvisation.

Easing the stress and worry of a ‘pandemic’ situation 

With gifts of positive mantra 

and affirmation

By Ayo Ada Ogolo

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