OT creative SPACE will be working with the local Primary schools, who took part in the initial workshops to generate ideas for the murals, for pupils to gain their Discover Arts Award whilst walking around the OT art trail.

If you would like to have a go, download and print these pages to make your own mini booklet to help you navigate the OT art trail, find out about the different Artists and come up with your own ideas.

The OT Art Trail was a fantastic experience for all the children (and staff!).  Your knowledge of the murals and the area really brought the art to life and made it very relatable.  It was so interesting to hear about the history of the local area and its link to strawberries.  This inspired the children to include strawberries and/or jam in their own art work which they produced after taking part in the trail.The trail also covered many aspects of the curriculum as the children were given the opportunity to read and follow a map of the local area; listen to and discuss the spoken work for each mural; identify the symbolism included in the murals; and learn about abstract and naturalistic art.Participating in the trail was a wonderfully enriching and inspiring experience for all the children, and it gave them the artistry to produce some innovative and creative murals of their own.” Year 6 Teacher, St Alphonsus Primary School.

Some examples of work done by local school children to contribute to getting their Discover Arts Award.

‘Being involved with the OT Art Trail was a fantastic opportunity for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed designing their murals early on and especially seeing some of their artwork being incorporated into the finished work.’ – Mr Winstanley

‘The artwork on the OT Art Trail was amazing. It was great to see some of the children’s idea incorporated into the finished murals. It was also very interesting to learn some of the local history.’ – Mrs Whitten

‘I really enjoyed the Art Trail – especially the Botanical Garden mural.’ – Bella Y5

‘It was really fun. I thought the Earth Child was amazing. I loved knowing that all our ideas had been brought together and included in the murals.’ – Nevaeh Y5

“I have worked in Old Trafford for more than thirteen years and for the first time, through the OT Art Trail, I have learnt about the rich history of the area.  It has inspired myself and the children to find out more about this wonderful area and its wider community.” Year 3 Teacher

” I often noticed the mosaic street signs but didn’t give it much thought until now when I discovered through the OT Art Trail about the significance this, linked to the mosaic factory which operated in the area last century.”

The spoken word, which can be easily accessed by scanning the QR code, allows us to delve much deeper into the art.  I felt like I was listening to the mural telling me what it could see.  Somehow, I could become part of the artwork, visible but invisible, observing and absorbing my surroundings.

After completing the OT Art Trail, I felt a confidence about teaching an art lesson I had never experienced before.  My outlook on teaching art has changed forever.
OT Art Trail has made me feel part of the community”.
Primary school Teacher