OT is Jam Packed with LOVE

by Sam Owen Hull


Blackburn to Henrietta @ 3pm

Sam Owen Hull is a Contemporary Artist whose work is a response to her view of the world examining the edges where the urban meets the natural. In this mural she represents ideas presented by the community in abstract form; rainbows, jam and marmalade and Old Trafford’s jammy history, bees, blossom and nature alongside urban landscape seen in the black and white lines.

“I loved the references to strawberries in the designs that came back, and the memories of the Duerrs jam factory, the idea that Old Trafford is jam packed with love. The lines and colours on drawings that came back inspired me, rainbows, Manchester bees – there was one where the blossom was pink and red dashes, like rain. I took some of those drawings and translated them into the mural as rainbow brushstrokes bouncing across each other, one as a dripping marmalade rainbow coming from a giant strawberry, from the fields or the factory. The floating yellow links refer to bees drifting across the work. The pink lines of the cherry blossom against a bright blue sky, with black and white lines as a nod to the fact that Old Trafford is very urban. The forms in the mural are all taken from the curves and lines of an O and T.

Some people said they would miss the ‘Cyclops was right’ graffiti that it covers – so I added a tiny tribute to it which is very well hidden.”

Credit: Matthew Norman

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Community Inspiration

“I think it shows a different side of multi cultural”

OT creative VOICE member

“It makes me think of rainbows, it got the purple, the orange, the yellow the blue.”

OT creative VOICE member

Other artworks to see on route


It was a public art project commissioned by the council called TEAPOT which stands for The Environmental Art Project Old Trafford,  1998 – 2001. The signs are all connected to the Oppenheimer mosaic factory which was near Hullard Park until about 1965. Some have obvious meaning like the 101 Dalmatians celebrating that Dodie Smith is from OT. 

How many can you find? The mosaics are not just on street signs either…