Tree of life – Heart of the community

by Donna Michelle Griffith and Lynda Sterling


Norton Street @ 3:30ish

Donna Michelle and Lynda are both Visual Artists who use a variety of mediums, textures and materials to create beauty in everyday life and situations. In this mural they have combined both traditional painting techniques alongside more contemporary street art styles to create a ‘tree of life – heart of the community’ representing  the resident and their family and the wider communities roots in Old Trafford from different backgrounds/ faiths coming together to blossom and celebrate each person’s uniqueness in a beautiful way.

“The resident is very passionate about family, everything she stood for is encapsulated in the tree. The kids are very connected to the house, being rooted, family connection, inheritance, a realistic tree from a drawing they had done, brought the tree to life”

Donna Michelle

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Community Inspiration

“The heart as a symbol of love in community, but it also reminds me of the covid wall in London, the red hearts, it dates it in this time.”

OT creative VOICE member

Other artworks to see on route


Part of the Bee in the city Trail that happened in 2018 created by Lynda Sterling who volunteered at limelight. She is passionate about creating opportunities for everyone to access art in their everyday lives and be encouraged in their own creativity. The design includes fingerprints of local children, residents and people of all ages , transformed by the artists into small bees.


THE BACK gALLErY was set up in 2015 in response to problems with fly tipping in the local neighbourhood in Old Trafford, and to bring a positive focus and to bring about community spirit and use of the alley. We hold monthly ART CLUBS on the 2nd Saturday of each month 2-3pm for local residents and families doing a variety of different projects.

From designing and painting murals, to making marks with balls. From painting wooden hearts for our back gates to making large scale artwork that then has been turned into decorative boards for the planters on Prestage street. THE BACK gALLErY displays art exhibitions in the alleys between Stamford st, Albion street and Premier street. Our current Exhibition for the back gallery is 9 images by artist Oliver East >>


Mural done in conjunction with THE BACK gALLErY art club, LOVE OLD TRAFFORD and Martene Rourke in 2016