The Vision
To see a happy and cohesive Old Trafford community participating in a
range of creative activities with plenty of opportunities to fulfil artistic

The Mission
To host a Creative Hub in the heart of the community that facilitates
creativity for community members, bringing them together to
collaborate, learn, teach, experiment and create alongside visual artists
from inside and outside the community.

Alongside creating and a safe and sustainable business we are
committed to;
● Championing creativity in everybody
● Welcoming to all members of the community
● Celebrating the diversity of Old Trafford
● Providing artists with opportunities to create
● Creating a local hub for artistic endeavours and discussion

The strategic aims of OT Creative SPACE in the next 12 months are:

  1. To reach out to all parts of the Old Trafford community
  2. To provide a studio space for artists committed to community
  3. To provide opportunities for artists without access to studio space
  4. To bring together artists and the community in a series of regular
    workshops and events
  5. To have fun and stay creative