“Danger of Suffocation- keep away from children” by Lynda Sterling. 2018.

A plastic Tapestry and installation.

On display at Victoria Baths, Manchester June 2018
On display at Victoria Baths, Manchester, June 2018

Using plastic bags Lynda Sterling has created a plastic Tapestry resembling a child’s quilt, with the words “Danger of Suffocation, Drowning in Plastic” on it, the first half taken from the common warning seen on plastic bags and the latter referencing the sheer volume of plastic we are currently producing, using and wasting as a society and the impact that will be having.

The Artist presents this bold childlike tapestry as a baby quilt photographed on top of her sleeping children. Again this is reference to the impact that our current use of plastic will have on our children and our children’s children. They will pay the price for our need of plastic.

This piece of work was created at The Bottega Manchester, a pilot scheme providing artist studio space with  flexible childcare in May 2018.