Snippits of conversations that took place at The coffee and Story sharing Afternoon, September 2019.

“Snippits” is a visual documentation of the conversations, stories and images that were shared at our Coffee and story sharing afternoon held in September 2019.

It captures small sections of stories shared, that some may think are insignificant, but brought together they build up a lively story of past, present and future. Images of Old Trafford in the past are pasted onto the postcards in small slices, sections or ‘snippits’ giving just a hint of what life was like but allowing the viewer to team both the written and the visual together in their imagination to continue the story forward.

Displayed in ‘The Window’ the postcards gently move and spin allowing all stories and pictures to be shared over a longer period of time. It invites the viewer to stop for a while and immerse themselves in another world and other peoples shoes.

All that was shared is important, even if it is just a ‘snippit’.