Gloria Brooks – Pull up a chair

Installation 2017

This installation work is concerned with ‘Identity’. It talks of the importance of the family and how we are shaped by our environment. The Artist found growing up in a large family was challenging and finding her place within that family even more so. Within her investigations, she asks the question; 

“Are we products of our environment, or products of our imagination?”

‘Pull up a chair’ is the starting place for that narrative, it looks at the chair as a metaphor for a place, or a seat, and talks about the Artists struggle with identity. Its conclusion and findings point to the only place where true identity can be found.

The chair speaks about ‘moving out’ of her space e.g. the family, then moving back into that space. Only  then can we enjoy those shared memories with fondness. 

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Pull up a chair with the Artist

Free coffee morning 

Thursday 9th January

11am-12 midday