As shops and restaurants are forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic we have chosen to keep our Window display open to encourage and uplift those who may be passing on their daily exercise walk or to get essential food. Even though things may not be good in the world, there are lots of small acts of kindness to be thankful for in our Old Trafford community. And we want to share that!

“LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR” is a live social screen sharing what people are doing in our neighbourhood to care for others in these crazy times.

You can get involved too!

What are you doing to look after yourself and others in these challenging times?
We want to promote positivity and that wonderful Old Trafford Community Spirit !
Tag your photos ,messages or ideas with the hashtag #loveyourneighbourOT
and tag us in @otcreativespace and they will be displayed on our social screen in our window and we will share them online.

Things that people are sharing can be as simple as gifting a loaf of bread, chalking a rainbow to make people smile, creating artwork to share, their pet cat, cheering for the NHS, sending a letter, keeping your 2m social distance or having a virtual brew with a neighbour.

What could you do? Make sure to tag it with #loveyourneighbourOT so it appears on our screen.