Lynda Sterling is a Director and studio manager at OT creative space.

Her website is @lookagainartist

She is a socially engaged artist living and working in Old Trafford, Manchester. Her current practice revolves around the act of doing something creative every day. Be that drawing, capturing an image, a word or consciously intervening in her daily life in some way. As a mother of 4 her work is closely intertwined with the reality this brings, creating work from her home, during the school run and alongside everyday tasks and responsibilities. 

“I find that creating from my everyday forces me to look again at normal life and situations and see a deeper level of beauty that can often be missed in the rush of today’s society.” 

She works across mediums including drawing, photography, print, collage, installation and intervention. Sterling focuses on objects, situations or spaces that are normally seen as mundane or everyday, highlighting their form and existence. Much of her work is site specific, responding to objects and places she encounters, creating interventions and leaving something behind for others to see or take. Her work has an ephemeral quality to it as the abandoned objects take on their own journey, moving around or being cleared away or claimed, dictated by outside sources, devolving control from herself and allowing the artwork to take on its own identity. 

“Why shouldn’t art be available to local people in their everyday lives, when you nip to the corner shop for some milk?” 

Creating art that can be viewed and experienced by ordinary people in their everyday lives is a driving force within her work. She has produced posters to be displayed on lamposts or trolleys, books to be found on buses, devised interventions with abandoned objects and  made art trails in her local parks and streets. She has also hosted exhibitions and workshops in her own home. 

Sterling set up THE BACK gALLErY in 2015, an art gallery and art club within the back alleys of Old Trafford; transforming these unloved and disregarded spaces into sites of creative co-production together with the support of the local communities.  

In 2019 she purchased an Old Butchers shop around the corner from her home and  together with her family as willing collaborators renovated this building to create a beautiful, accessible place which is now Old Trafford Creative SPACE. 

The Drawer – installation 2019
Fridges have feelings too, intervention, 2020